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Driving for Uber is Great with Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

Driving for Uber is Great with Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

How I found the cheap car insurance with no deposit

For the past few months, I have been on a mission to save as much money as possible over the next year. My initial goal was to save at least $100 per month, but after struggling to do so, I knew something had to change. I felt that my monthly salary was enough to justify that amount in savings but I kept falling short. This meant that I was either wasting money or living far beyond my means. Whatever the case, the plan was to take on another source of income to supplement what I was attempting to save.

I began to weigh my options and decided to consider becoming an Uber driver. I have a few friends that do it and often talk about the extra money and how it helps them to achieve their goals. After a personal review, I thought it would be good for me also but unfortunately, my car was one year too old. This could be a problem easily solved because my mom has a car that she never drives and had offered it to me on several occasions but I didn’t think it looked cool enough for a young man of my stature. Now I think it looks great and would be perfect for my Uber driving. The only thing I needed to do was find some cheap car insurance with no deposit and everything would work out in my favor.

I googled ” what is the cheapest car insurance” and found that it would be extremely expensive to acquire insurance at the time. The monthly rates were only affordable with huge down payments and that was not my intention going into this adventure. Finally, I reached a company ( This one: that my friend mentioned and was told by the agent that I could obtain a good rate with no deposit. This was exactly what I needed to get things going and I couldn’t be happier. To make it even better, I was directed to an online site that allowed me to complete the entire process online and receive digital proof of insurance immediately.

I’ve been driving for Uber for more than three months and have saved over my annual goal amount. I have set a bigger goal to save for next year’s vacation and visit some place I’ve dreamed about for years. This is the start of something great and I’m glad it’s working out for me.

Full coverage car insurance is pointless

Full coverage car insurance is pointless

I’ve been researching car insurance prices for an article I’ve been writing. One preliminary finding that I can share with the world is that “full coverage car insurance” is pointless.

First off. There’s no such thing as full coverage insurance. It’s just a made up term used by a few foolish insurance companies. Basically what it means is that you’re covered for “everything”.

But that’s not true. Full coverage insurance doesn’t cover everything, there’s lots of things it doesn’t cover. But even though it doesn’t cover everything it costs as much as if it did.

So why do people buy full coverage car insurance? Clearly it’s not cheap and doesn’t cover everything, so why buy it?

Simple. Good salespeople. That’s why. People like to feel safe, especially with their insurance. They want to be covered for absolutely everything, so they buy full coverage insurance.

The truth is that if you buy regular insurance and add a few extra protections you’ll be covered for 99.99% of situations and end up paying a lot less.

Think of it this way, why pay for hurricane insurance if you live in Arizona?

It makes no sense!

So stop buying full coverage insurance because it makes no sense either.

So what car insurance should you get?

Well, that’s going to depend on a lot of factors like where you live, your car, who you want covered. There’s a lot of insurance options out there, and I always tell people it’s best to compare as many companies and options as possible.

To tell you the truth most of the insurance companies don’t even have a clue about their pricing strategies, a lot of stuff is made on the fly. Who has the cheapest auto insurance ends up just being dumb luck. Something most insurance companies would not like to admit!