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Used Car Dealerships Are the Place to Be

Used Car Dealerships Are the Place to Be

Used Car Dealerships Are

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I should clarify that used car dealerships are the place to be if you’re looking to buy a car. I’m not sure why practically everyone I know looked down their nose at me when I told them I was getting a used car. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with used cars. If you ask me, they’re actually a really smart investment. I know they’ve saved me a lot of money in the last few years.

The first thing I did when I start looking at used cars for sale was to go out and do the footwork. I know some people like to look online first to make sure the dealer has the inventory you want to see, but I felt like I needed to get in there, you know? I found some used cars here: Like, I needed to walk around the place and get a feel for the staff and the way they did business.

I’m glad I approached it this way for two reasons. First, I walked into a dealer that I knew right away I did not want to do business with. They were just rude and ignored me most of the time I was there. The second reason is that I found the dealership I absolutely wanted to do business with because I took the time to walk into the place. I got good vibes immediately and knew I’d get treated well.

I spend awhile figuring out what I needed and the saleswoman was so patient with me, I was seriously so impressed with the service. She even called around to see if the car I really wanted was available anywhere nearby in blue. It wasn’t, which was okay. I could deal with the black one. It was the perfect car, just what I wanted and less than what I wanted to pay for it.

Now, when people compliment my awesome new car, I immediately say, “Oh, thanks, it’s used!” Because I’m proud of the deal I got and I think people need to see used cars as what they are. Great, solid cars that can last for years and will save you a lot of money. My friends are coming around. When they saw my car and I told them what my payment was, they kind of realized that they were being a bit snobbish. I did not feel bad saying I told you so. Now I just need to find some very cheap car insurance no deposit. Since my car insurance in ga is getting really expensive! I found some quotes here: but I need to do some more price shopping. Got to make sure I get the best deal, just like I got on my car!