Finance Doesn't Have to Be Boring

Why you shouldn’t Major in Finance

Why you shouldn’t Major in Finance

I’m a 4th year university student at an undisclosed northwest university. I’m a finance student, but have taken enough to know about everything. Except account. I HATE accounting.

Why make a blog?

Well I wanna share my experiences. A lot of people have no idea what they’re getting into when the major in Finance. Unfortunately the movies make it seem like an amazing career that pays a ton.

Well from what I can tell you from experience ( interning) that is NOT the case. You’re going to spend 10 hours a day looking at spreadsheets in Excel. If this doesn’t sound fun to you. Maybe you should think twice about majoring in finance.

I’m lucky that I do find looking at excel fun. Problem solving is always fun. Even if some seriously tedious things no one wants to bother with.